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Every year, I get ONE sunburn. Afterwards, I remind myself that my skin is delicate and worth protecting and I don’t get a sunburn again the rest of the year. We work outside a lot, so protecting my skin and eyes becomes imperative.

Perhaps the surprise sunburn happened this year because it’s just so early!

James and I planned a wonderful and groundbreaking (for me) bike ride yesterday.  We set out from BrightHaven with a picnic basket and some water and our market bags and headed toward downtown.  We were riding our bikes to the Port City Market.  We made it through the neighborhood with no troubles.  And then, there was the Barrancas Bridge.  I don’t like bridges.  Even less do I like riding a bike over them so this was a real challenge for me!  The Barrancas Bridge goes right over Bayou Chico in what feels like a 45 degree angle.  We made it over and coasted on into downtown–riding past the beautiful Sanders Beach Park, Joe Patti’s, Shoreline Deli, Smokey’s BBQ (yeah, by this time I was hungry AND thirsty!)

The Port City Market was beautiful yesterday.  We saw Natalie, the fine folks from Keen’s Beans, talked to the honey people from Kittrell ‘s Day Dream Apiary, and bough some turnips from Mr. Carl and a maple tree from a grower.  The Scuba Shack vendors were giving away free home-made hand-cranked ice cream (and that was a huge win).

From the market, we took off down Main Street and rode to James’ office on E. Romana Street

Once there, we took a break and harvested moss from the brick paving in front of his office.

Rode down Government Street till we found our way to Shoreline Deli.  The sights of Greek cheeses and hummus and olive trees and fresh breads were too much for us and we bought a delicious picnic lunch of sun-dried tomato hummus and Bagelheads bread.

From the deli, we wended our way to Sanders Beach Park and feasted on the very end of the pier.

From the park, it was just a hop, skip and a bridge back to BrightHaven…

It was several hours later, when I first felt the sunburn…