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James and I came across the movie Fat Head around the Ides of March. I remember the exact day because we had some good friends over and ate one of our favorite meals with them: bread and cheese!  That night,  James and I watched Fat Head on netflix and put some of the ideas into practice the very next day.  Wow!  The new diet has been such an interesting experience because it’s completely different from the way we’ve always eaten:

  • whole grains,
  • more natural sugars,
  • brown rice,
  • lots of pasta
  • lots of butter
  • lots of tomatoes
  • lots of cheese
  • no red meat
  • some fish
  • some chicken
  • lots of beans and rice

Some of these items are still in our diets but we’ve nixed carbs for the most part.  Of course, with our dear honeybees working so hard, we can’t ignore the fruits of their labors, can we?  🙂  They provide us with our favorite delicious treats!

What do we eat now?  Well, last night we grilled steaks and asparagus.  This morning, we had bacon and eggs and coffee topped with whipped cream (no sugar added).  For a treat with our coffee, I made the most amazing macaroons!  (I’ll be sure to share the recipe with you soon.)

By the way, how’s our health?  More energy, fewer aches and pains, I lost weight (a lot!), blood sugar is stabilized.  I’ve not had any lipid profiles done but James has (two months into the diet).  Let me say this:  I had no idea someone could have such excellent blood work!

All of these words just to share this video with you.  Hope you enjoy!  It’s a clip from Fat Head by Tom Naughton