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For the past four years, I (like nearly everyone else on the planet) have been a member of one of the largest countries on this Earth–Facebook.  I have spent countless hours browsing status reports, looking at photos, promoting my etsy shop, “liking” other people’s

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One day, I found myself growing jealous of something an acquaintance was doing.  She was posting spectacular photos and telling the world about it and I was reading her exploits–from the comfort of my computer screen.

My jealousy knew no bounds: why couldn’t I do something cool like that?  Here I was, reading about her great adventure like the poor schmuck that I was.  Suddenly, I realized that I could do fun things.  I could have a cute house.  I could make great projects come to life.  My garden could flourish.  All for one low price of disconnecting from the great facebook in the cloud.  I thought about how I envisioned my life, the things I really wanted to do, and facebook was nowhere in the picture.  Granted, I have reconnected with a few people but I don’t think not being on a social networking site and sharing untold information with the world is going to keep me from any real relationships.

Two weeks ago, I deactivated my account.  I had heard that if you deactivate the account and don’t sign back in for two weeks, then the account will be automatically deleted.  Not so.  I just tried it.  I’m still there.  So, now I have sent in an official request for my facebook account to be deleted.  Let’s see if that works.  🙂

So, if anyone has been thinking I “unfriended” them or just have been especially lax on participating in facebook, there’s another reason.

I’m not there.