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Today, I was writing a post about honeybees over at Little Green Bees when I tried to use a big word in my title.  Suddenly, the computer burst into flames, started singing to me and hurled itself through the window.  The computer seemed to be slightly depressed for a few days before this incident but I never realized how unhappy it really was.

That, dear readers, is a confabulation.  According to wikipedia, a confabulation is:

the spontaneous narrative report of events that never happened. It consists of the creation of false memories, perceptions, or beliefs about the self or the environment—usually as a result of neurological or psychological dysfunction.[1] When it is a matter of memory, confabulation is the confusion of imagination with memory, or the confused application of true memories.[2] Confabulations are difficult to differentiate from delusions and from lying.[3] With respect to memory, wild confabulations about one’s past are rare in the absence of organic causes (e.g., brain damage), and the term “confabulation” is often restricted to these types of distortions. In contrast, even neurologically intact people are susceptible to memory errors or confusions due to psychological causes (see false memory).

Truly, it is one of the more unique words that is now in my vocabulary.  This word is not to be confused with conflagration, which I only know from my extensive reading of Ray Bradbury between the years of 1988-1997.  A conflagration is: an uncontrolled burning that threatens human life, health, property or ecology.  Did you happen to notice that my confabulation also included a small conflagration?

I’m really just writing because I find words fascinating and wanted to share these two fabulous ones with you.  Try to use them before lunch time!