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I have a friend who has a lot of what I term “sacred space.” She is such a gentle soul that I am hesitant to intrude on her feelings. Is that odd? We are dear friends and very much attached but have spent many years together, not talking about relationships, beliefs, finances…all of those things that are seemingly big things. I don’t think that has made our friendship any less real or meaningful. There are just some things we don’t talk about. We just kind of “do life” together.

In recent years, we have begun to talk more and more about these intimate things. As we become more like blood sisters and less “only friends,” our sacred spaces merge. It’s such an interesting concept. I know that not all people have these boundaries. But, I also know that the people with these boundaries are like beautiful islands that are worth the travel to reach. 🙂

Just something I’m thinking of today, as I’m thinking of my friend. Do you have “sacred space”? Do you know people who have these boundaries? How do you view your relationships with these people?