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**This post is reblogged from the Escarosa Honeybees blog!

Two years ago, a small and focused group of beekeepers in Pennsylvania began an event to educate people on the benefits of bees and beekeeping. One year later, the event had reached nation-wide acclaim and 501c status. This year, hundreds of beekeepers around the country are joining together on August 20th to spread the good news about honeybees!

If you don’t already know, honeybees are an important link in our food chain. Estimates say that between 50% to 80% of our food supply is dependent on pollination by honeybees. Without their help, we would see a large drop in the quality and quantity of many fruits, nuts and vegetables that we love (like pumpkins, apples, almonds, citrus, brassicas, nightshade vegetables and more!)*

This year, the EscaRosa Beekeeping Association will be joining with National Honeybee Day organizers to help spread the word here in Pensacola, Florida. We will set up a booth in beautiful downtown Pensacola at the thriving Palafox Farmer’s Market. At our booth, expect to find:

  • delicious honey
    baked goods from easy honey recipes
    honey and beeswax products
    honey samplings
    honeybee hive demos
    real live beekeepers of all ages!
    honeybee gardening advice
    and much, much more!

We will set up our booth by 8 in the morning and will continuously be in attendance to answer any questions needed. Find out how you too can become a beekeeper. Join in one of the oldest agricultural pursuits (over 4500 years!) and discover just how magical honeybees truly are.

*Yes, these plants are also pollinated by solitary bees in some cases.