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Every day, I consult a great list of communicators. Some of you talk about decorating. Some of you are farmers, beekeepers, gardeners. Some of you make amazing crafts and delicious dinners! Whatever you do and however you write about it, I’m reading and now I want to share!

Some of my favorites for this week:

Make Your Own False Lashes Tutorial What a kooky and fun idea!  I can imagine how really out there this idea could get.  Long, drapy eyelashes.  Calico eyelashes.  Gold lame eyelashes.  Too fun!  Thanks, Violet.

Great thoughts on Cultural Appropriation in Fashion from Fuzzy Lizzie!

Couch Made From Pallets I know, this post is not precisely from this week but I figure I have a bit of lee-way here, this being the first post and all!

1950s Cowboy Basement Bar Yet another post that doesn’t quite fit in this week’s frame but you’re gonna love it!

Molly at Wild Olive wonders What We Believe

Quite old post from Helena, but you should see it and make the recipe as quickly as possible! Thriftiness and Pickles

And, I’ll leave you with Katies’ thoughtful words…Saying it Without Words