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When I started writing this blog in May of 2006, I did it with a couple of objectives:

  1. to keep our family in Florida, Louisiana and Texas connected.  This was before F*book, so I kind of pictured this blog as a meeting/sharing ground for everybody.
  2. to be a better writer
  3. to be a famous blogger.  and I am not even joking.

That said, my posting has been sporadic at best, with no real consistency at all.  I thought this lack of consistency just meant that I wasn’t a top-notch blogger and was something I’d just have to deal with until the blog finally gave up the ghost.  That, or the internet became obsolete!

Which brings me to yesterday: Wild Olive posted some cute little blog buddies in her etsy shop.  What kind of blog buddies?  Well, they were actually cute little blog planners, looking kind of like a teacher’s lesson plan book.  According to Mollie, many bloggers plan their posts up to a month in advance.  Wow.  Just wow.  And here I am, just writing when the inspiration gets too great to be held inside any longer!

So, my confession is that I’ve kind of been a lazy blogger all this time–just leaving everything to chance.  How do you blog?  Do you plan your blog posts in advance?  Do you usually schedule posts so that you’re not writing every day?  I’d love to hear your secrets!