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Welcome to the creation discussion!  No, we’re not discussing that creation.  I want to talk about something I made this week!  This isn’t a new project I’m announcing.  It’s a 100% finished, washed and worn project that I couldn’t be happier with completing!

Some of you may know that we celebrated National Honeybee Day last Saturday.  It was a great event and James and I stayed up until 2 AM the day of making sure we were absolutely ready to go!  James constructed an adorable Winnie the Pooh beanbag toss game (I supplied the beanbags) AND he made an amazing photo board.  Not to be outdone, I decorated my very own honeybee t-shirt!

About a week ago, I contacted Mollie at Wild Olive about a honeybee pattern I was hoping to find.  She sent me the most adorable set of “Honey Honeys” I have ever seen.  Although the pattern was originally only for embroidery, I decided that my limited embroidery skills would be better utilized on an even simpler project.  So, what I did was to enlarge the honeybee pattern and cut it out of felt!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of that fancy felt that I know lots of you use.  I had come across some gold and black synthetic felt at one of the thrift stores and decided to put it to use!

So, I took the enlarged pattern and cut out the body of the honeybee in gold.  Using a very simple blanket stitch, I attached the felt wings and body onto a plain white t-shirt.  Then, I cut and blanket stitched the black stripes onto the honeybee body.  To finish off the honeybee, I used a triple french knot for the eyes and a modified detached chain for the cute little mouth!  I tried to make the french knot without really knowing what I was doing and then remembered that Mollie had written an excellent tutorial on making faces!  Once I read the simple instructions there, I was good to go!  I finished off Ms. Honeybee with some cute antennae and a flight trail.

I thought the flight trail was a vaguely inspired piece of genius.  It turns out that more than one person thought I was sporting a honeybee kite–but, oh well!  I think a honeybee kite would be pretty stinking cute.

The flight trail was constructed of baby black rick rack and was most definitely the most difficult part of the project.  I wanted the rick rack to resemble a cartoonish bee flight path, which I think it does.  However, since I was attaching it to t-shirt material, I had to be really careful not to stretch out the shirt and keep the shape of the loop at the same time!  I initially started out with a running stitch and eventually just used a tacking stitch to secure the trim.  I’m not sure how it could have been any easier but if anyone has any ideas, I’m definitely open to suggestions!

All in all, we had a wonderful time making last week’s projects and really look forward to this week’s project(s).  I’m not sure what the project will be, but I’ll be sure to update when I decide!  Thanks for reading.  🙂