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A month or so ago, I read a blog post about how coffee, with its demon caffeine, has us in its heinous grip and we would be better off substituting some less heinous morning beverage.  The substitutions that the blogger and subsequent commentors offered were, well, less than inspiring.  I have tried several substitutions and even enjoyed some of them–but James and I have always come back to the tried and true morning time coffee.  It’s such a fun ritual in our home.  James is the undisputed coffee maker (french pressed) and I am the coffee snob.

I don’t just love the caffeine pick-me-up.  If that was it, I could drink dollar store coffee.  I adore the flavor, the aroma, the look of deep rich full-bodied coffee.  Part of the reason I’m not a fan of hot tea is that the brew reminds me of water.  Don’t get me wrong!  I drink lots and lots of water and thoroughly enjoy it.  On very hot days, I will brew some iced tea and that is a wonderful drink as well.  However, to start my day right, I like nothing better than a muffin or tea biscuit and a cup of strong dark coffee.  Cream, no sugar.

Some people may say that I am addicted to the caffeine.  True.  I get a headache and am irritable if I don’t have coffee in the morning.  But, I also get a headache and cranky if I don’t have something else in the morning–FOOD!  So, if I’m a caffeine addict, so be it.

How about you?  Are you a coffee lover?  Strong?  Mild?  A certain roast?  What is your favorite morning beverage ritual?