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Such a sad thing.  I have so many interests and want to get so many things accomplished–but most of the things never see completion.  Why is that?  Well, it seems that I lack the discipline to work through to the end.  For example, sometimes I’ll just stop washing dishes in the middle of a load.  I’ll just stop and go do something else entirely.  I have myriad projects that I’ve just halted in various stages of construction.  Either the project becomes too hard or I lose interest and a combination of the two…

Now, maybe some folks would attribute this tendency to ADD, but I put the blame squarely on laziness and lack of discipline (or, is that the same thing??)  I’m really excited about re-training myself out of lots of these bad habits I’ve acquired in the last 15 years or so.  I’ve already begun a diet discipline (back in March), am struggling with this blogging discipline and just initiated a brand new schedule (that I’ll tell you about tomorrow!!)

I’m excited about these changes because I think they will help me to accomplish so many of my goals that have languished these last few years.  I want to be the type of person who finishes projects, who makes things happen and who spends her time wisely.

How do you choose your projects and activities?  Do you begin them with an eye toward completion?  Do you find that you often abandon projects for nebulous reasons?  How do you feel about these habits?  Do you have any hints you would like to share with those of us who struggle with seeing a project to completion?

I’d love to hear from you!