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This week’s project is quite a departure from what I thought I had planned, but I am so thankful for getting this one started!  Some of you may find this article a trifle boring, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t stand living in a cluttered, dirty and dusty space!  🙂  So, my project for this week was, quite simply, to do something about it.

Last week while browsing Pinterest, I came across this little graphic:

My sister and I recently were discussing ways to keep ourselves motivated with house cleaning and other projects, so I thought this website may have something interesting to offer.

Well, it does.  Despite the exclusionary name of Just Mommies, I located lots of great tips for helping me keep the house clean and organized.  Let me tell you: I need every single tip I can get.  I know that some of you are very likely born organizers and keeping a tidy house is like breathing (hi Tracy!) to you.  Others of us need a little push and some help to know exactly what to do.  That’s why I enjoyed finding this website so much.  I was able to print out a really helpful monthly schedule of house cleaning chores.  It’s broken down into general and specific activities for each day PLUS a master plan for a different room of the house each month! Can I tell you how surprised I was at some of the items on that calendar??  I never knew that baseboards should be cleaned once a month!  I’ve been known to let my ceiling fans breed their own special variety of dust.  I only think about them when they’re not working!  The lace curtains in the living room have not been washed in I have no idea how long and were disgraceful.

That being said, this week’s project has been an overhaul of my house cleaning system.  I spent several hours of each day last week dusting, scrubbing and washing various items around the house.  I have polished furniture, cleaned windows and terrariums, mopped, cleaned baseboards, put away abandoned projects (of which there are legion) and decluttered until I actually feel like I may be getting somewhere!

My first project was to clean my office desk and the computer.   After the cleaning I gave the computer tower, I’m amazed that it was even working due to the vast quantity of dust the vents had collected!  I even discovered a missing memory card that I had decided must be gone forever.  I spend a large amount of time in this area between blogging, listing items on etsy, and my sewing machine.  This room needs to be in tip-top, uncluttered condition.  It is not.  Yet.  There are plans.  🙂

I won’t prattle on forever about my new cleaning habits, just wanted to let you in on this week’s project.  I’m decluttering.  I’m cleaning  and I’m learning to be disciplined in my work.  I hope next week’s project will be a little more fun: it’s always easier and more pleasant for me to create in a clean and orderly environment.

When did you learn how to keep a clean home?  Were you in college, later in life or were you just born that way :)?