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I’ve actually been thinking about this post for several weeks now.  Unfortunately, my thinking about and writing about gears don’t usually line up and I’m left just thinking about!  Anyway, a few weeks ago when the Gulf Coast was having blisteringly hot days, the flying insects were having a heavenly jamboree.  We were inundated with biting flies and mosquitoes and wasps and bees and…dragonflies!

It’s always so nice to see the dragonflies.  They dart around: full of color, possibly curious, like little bug fairies.  For some reason, dragonflies always seem to be very friendly to me.  Maybe it’s because they don’t bite and they’re less shy than butterflies.  At about this time, I had a dragonfly living in the greenhouse.  Every morning, when I checked the greenhouse, this dragonfly would buzz from its perch and greet me at the door.  I would try to shoo it outside but it would resist my efforts.  After several days, one morning this dragonfly greeted me with its customary buzz and then proceeded to settle on my finger and allow itself to be carried outside!  It was such a magical event.  🙂

At dusk, these little jeweled wonders are even more spectacular.  Here in the Deep South/Gulf Coast, dragonflies are also called mosquito hawks–because they eat our enormous population of mosquitoes in the area!  For that reason alone, we would be happy to share our backyard with them.  🙂

Yesterday evening, I had two neat experiences with our friendly neighborhood dragonflies.  I was lying on the deck, looking at the sky, when I saw a dragonfly zoom through the air.  It was followed by a hummingbird, several more dragonflies, another hummingbird and so on.  I excitedly pointed out to James the large number of hummingbirds and he gently informed me that they were all dragonflies!  I know that sometimes dragonflies carry something behind the wings (what is it, by the way?) but some of these insects were so huge I sincerely took them for hummingbirds!  The common green darners can grow to be quite large.

Later yesterday, James and I rode our bikes downtown, crossing the fearsome (to me) Barrancas bridge.  As we neared the top, I noticed that a dragonfly was breezing along beside me.  Without any ceremony, that little free-loader landed on the bicycle basket and rode along with me for a way!  I jest when I call it a free-loader, you know I loved the company.  🙂

And so, for me, these days are the Dragonfly Days of Summer.  Jeweled and perfect.  Autumn is coming and we can all catch our breath.

Hope you’re enjoying your days as well.  🙂