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Well, good morning one and all.  Every Monday morning, I wake up and think: it’s going to be Friday before I know it!  I simply cannot believe how quickly the weeks pass here at BrightHaven.  I just feel like I’m spinning.

That being said, it’s time again for another edition of Friday Favorites!  It’s the part of the blog where I come out and (whoops…that’s lifted right out of Veggie Tales, folks!)  Anyway, every Friday, I provide a list of some of my favorite stories from the week.  Without further ado, here they are!

I love these Vintage Inspired Luminaries from Decor Hacks.  Great for adding light to garden parties!  You’ll also want to read about How to Fake a Transom while you’re there.

Greatly enjoyed reading Floss’ Elemental Post on Water.  Excellent food for thought there.

Since we transitioned to the Low Carb diet back in March, I read Tom Naughton’s blog on a regular basis.  It was his movie, after all, that introduced me to these ideas.  Great post today on Diabetic guidelines and why they still don’t make sense!

Mary posted some beautiful pictures of the Buck’s County dinnerware set.  She always takes such lovely photos.  I have this very set of dishes so I especially enjoyed this one!

And, since we commemorated the 10th anniversary of 9-11 this week, I also wanted to share this post from Poor Richard’s Almanac with you:  Remembering 9/11

Thank you to everyone for reading and I hope you had a lovely week.  Looks like our cool weather continues along the Gulf Coast, for which we are exceeding thankful.  🙂