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Well, we all have them. All of us who are members of that slightly quirky Pinterest community, that is. Mine is called to make. My sister has one called to make, to do, to wear…or something like that. Yours is probably called this is a great idea and I’ll do it some other time when I’m not browsing pinterest…or something like that. The point is: we all have found some truly wonderful project ideas on Pinterest, or elsewhere on the interwebs. All it takes is a little bit of focus to get those projects rolling!

So…I’m starting this project for myself, if not for anyone else.  It’s a challenge to accomplish one project from Pinterest each week!  Yes, I know that I already have one project that I write about each week.  This may or may not be a different project!  I just want to take some of those fun ideas and make them my own.  So many unique things…just waiting to be done.

Won’t you join me?  The Pinterest Project Challenge group is open to all members who would like to join.  Just ask and I will add you to the group or send you an invite.  Hey, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a new website, just send me a link to your project and I’ll add it to the group and/or share it right here–on the blog.

I’ve already begun adding projects to the pinboard.  These are some ideas that I really think I can accomplish.  I hope you’ll join in on this neat (I think) challenge.  I look forward to seeing what we all create!