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cast iron pans in a stack

Image by buchman photo via Flickr

Once again, Pinterest is proving itself useful–way more so than facebook ever did! 🙂

The other day, I was browsing links and came across a tip for cleaning cast iron. I know, I know, cast iron users are like beekeepers. We all have our own way for cleaning and our way is the only way! Since I have ruined the finish on many a cast iron skillet, I know for a fact that I am no expert when it comes to cast iron. That being said, I think I’m pretty open to new ideas in this realm!

Back to the tip. A person suggested cleaning cast iron with salt. I’ve been doing that this morning. I just cleaned a skillet that I had used for cooking bacon (there were tiny bits of bacon stuck to the bottom for some reason…). Hey, Presto–skillet cleaned almost with no effort!

So, what you do is sprinkle salt into a wet or dry skillet. Using a slightly abrasive pad, scrub the cast iron using the salt. Seriously, this tip works like magic! Try it and see.

Oh, and feel free to share any recipes you make with your cast iron. 🙂