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And a beautiful first day it is!  One of my favorite things is rain and we have been blessed with an abundance of it this week.  I kind of consider it my birthday week present from God.  🙂

Not only is today the first day of Fall, but it’s also time once again for my Friday Favorites!  I read some excellent blogs so this is never an easy choice but it must be done.  🙂

We’re redesigning our front garden so I’ve been scouring the ‘net for photos and inspiration.  Take a look at some of these elements and designs I’ve found

Loved this article on Success and its elusiveness from Ruffles and Stuff.  She calls it rambling, I call it good thoughts.  🙂

I’m pretty sure one can never go wrong by quoting Tolkien, so pop over to Chiot’s Run to read what Susy has shared.

I never get enough of Kathie talking about Keeping Things Simple

Helena is just reopening her etsy shop.  Do slip over to her blog and see her beautiful and creative finds…

Just discovered this post through Pinterest.  It’s old but I can’t resist sharing these amazing stylings with you.  Surprise!  We got married…

And finally, talking about a subject near and dear to my heart (and stomach), Suzy makes another appearance in this week’s Friday Favorites.  She blogs at Not Dabbling in Normal about eating whole foods.

Thanks to everyone who writes such wonderful articles throughout the week for me (and all of us!) to enjoy.  Hope your weekend is delightful.