So, I’ve been trying an experiment with my hair. I have long, wavy hair that is fairly dry. I love using oils and conditioners in my hair and letting it stay naturally hydrated. I don’t use heat treatments and only very mild coloring treatments on it. In short, I’m very concerned with keeping my hair as healthy as possible!

That said, about a month ago I came across an article about going shampoo free.  The writer recommended using a baking soda solution for cleaning the hair and then rinsing with an apple cider vinegar and water mixture.

I love trying new recipes and  methods, so I dove right into this one!  The first week I tried this shampoo-free bit, I was extremely pleased with the results.  My hair was very shiny and full of body.  It seemed that anything weighing down my hair was gone.  I really loved the way my hair looked!  The second time I tried this, I used a honey/water mixture because I heard honey was better for folks with dry hair.  I wasn’t so happy with the results because the honey really seemed to stay in my hair.

After the first two times, I pretty much lost track of the results.  A couple of times, I just rinsed my hair with water.  One time I used just baking soda.  All I really noticed was that my hair seemed to be building up baking soda!!  Let me add right here, our water heater has been out of commission so all of this hair washing was taking place using a very primitive hair washing method.  The other, and less acceptable, result that I saw?  My hair kind of smelled like…animal hair??  Not a particularly bad smell–just not flowery or herby or anything.  That’s actually what I can’t deal with.  Last night, I broke down and used a little bit of shampoo on my hair–and it looks great today!  The build-up is gone.

Has anyone had any experience with this?  What have you found works for you?  I’m really interested in continuing to use only baking soda but would like recommendations for a rinse and possible fragrances.

Thanks!  🙂