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Sometime in April or May (or maybe it was March, I really don’t recall) our tankless water heater went kaput.  Since Pensacola is a very warm climate, the water heater has not been seriously missed–until the last month or so.  Sometime around the first of October, we began to make headway toward having it replaced!  Cold showers and heating water on the stove for dishes and tepid shallow baths was no longer fun.  I know women did this for centuries–and now I know that we can too–but it’s really not convenient (or fun).

I don’t mind taking cold showers.  We did a lot of work outside this spring and summer so the cold water was quite welcome to me.  I even enjoyed washing my hair with the water hose on several occasions!  My big issue was the time and energy it took to wash dishes.  Since we wash dishes by hand, I always had to heat a couple of pots of water.  And then, cool weather came to the Gulf Coast…

So, last Saturday, we found and ordered another tankless water heater and it arrived on Wednesday.  James was able to install it on Thursday while I ran errands.  After the installation, I proceeded to wash clothes and dishes in the warmest water I could get!

I am thankful that we went for this long without automatic hot water.  I like being tested.  I like knowing that I can find novel ways to do the things I want to do.  I hope this latest little incident makes us more grateful for the conveniences that we do have.

How about you?  How conscious are you of modern day conveniences?  Have you found yourself without hot water or something like it for any length of time?