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Do you love vintage Christmas whimsy even half as much as I do?  A third?  A quarter?  Then you’re going to love the little goodies I have going into the shop this month!  It finally dawned on me that I need to get these precious little items listed so folks can buy them to decorate their own trees this year.  Take a look at these gems…

Christmas Reindeer by Fun Farm

This little dude is sitting on the desk beside me as I type.  So is his little brother…

Vintage Christmas Giraffe

And how about the infamous elves on shelves?  I’m seeing these little guys all over the web lately.  How about this pair of Christmas elves for your own shelves?

Christmas Elf on the Shelf #1

Christmas Elf on the Shelf #2

And the Christmas wheels trio?

Vintage Christmas Wheels Trio

And a puppy in a stocking!  Who doesn’t want a puppy in a stocking??

Vintage Puppy in a Christmas Stocking

This giant felt stocking (2 feet long!) is already in the shop.  Is it not incredibly kitschy cool??

Giant Vintage Christmas Stocking

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without Shiny Brites.  Lots of Shiny Brites.  Lots and lots.  🙂

Shiny Brite Yule Lanterns