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Well, I can see that I didn’t blog yesterday, even though I had thought I would!  Usually, I just throw a picture up for Wordless Wednesday and call it done.  Maybe the fact that I had trouble remembering what day yesterday was had something to do with it!

I stayed busy yesterday doing lots and lots of yard work.  Of course, I’m always happiest when I’m doing work outside, so it was a good day for me!  We have crazy algae growing on our white vinyl siding (the result of 90% humidity throughout most of the year)  I love the green shade of the algae.  Now, if only it would get together and cover the entire surface…it would be the prettiest shade imaginable!

The second task was opening up the beehive again.  I opened it up on Tuesday and examined it frame by frame.  I am so inordinately proud of these honeybees.  They are gentle, hard workers and they keep a clean hive.  Our queen is very strong, obviously, and she’s raising a good crop of daughters to do good pollination work!  On Tuesday, I examined the brood frames and was thrilled to see one frame almost completely filled with tiny eggs.  For me, one of my most valued accomplishments has been learning to keep bees. 

The fish pond also came due for a cleaning yesterday.  Situated as it is, right beneath a lush cherry laurel, the surface of the pond has been covered with blossoms and leaves for the past month.  This necessitated BOTH filters being cleaned and the tubing replaced!  The fish are ever so much happier with this arrangement.  Speaking of fish, we lost our koi this season.  I’m not sure what happened, I just visited the pond one day and he was gone.  Disturbing as well, one of the other fish was injured (are you thinking what I’m thinking??)  We lost the koi and the largest comet (8-10 inches).  The giant catfish was growing too large for our pond so we returned him to the nursery and he is now living happily in one of their giant outdoor ponds!

Unfortunately, I’ve also been watching lots of television on hulu.  The newest show we’re watching is Raines, with Jeff Goldblum.  Have any of you seen it?  We really like his acting.

Well, that’s it for today.  Hope