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I spend a lot of time on Facebook. A LOT. I’m not proud of it. That’s just how it is. I also spend a lot of time reading and thinking so maybe that weighs in the balance some.

Anyway! Back to spending time on Facebook. There’s a little “game” of sorts going on over there where (for the month of November) you list one thing each day for which you’re thankful. I’ve been keeping up via my status updates but also thought it would just be nicer to share my thanksgiving here–on my sweet blog.

So, each day I will be listing one thing for which I’m thankful (may even be a STRING of things). Since we’re already into the fourth day of November, I’ll simply list the first four right here at one time.

Nov 1st–I am thankful for my peaceful home.
Nov 2nd–I’m thankful for cooler weather and a GREAT excuse to drink hot chocolate!
Nov 3rd–I am thankful for rain that lasts all day long. and for naps. and hot chocolate.
Nov 4th–I am thankful for second chances.